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The House Girl – Part Three

It had been a long night for Osinachi.  She’d arrived in Lagos around 8pm and had headed straight to the hospital.  Her sister had given her the details for the room they had booked, and she was shown the way at the lobby to the Maternity Ward. Daluchi […]

The House Girl – Part Two

Chinyere was singing as she scrubbed the bathroom tub.  She was so happy because, earlier that week, her lesson teacher had informed her that she’d passed the mock exams he had given her the previous week, and she would be able to enter direct to SS1 with the […]

The House Girl – Part One

March, 2003.  Garki District, Abuja. “Chinyere!  Chinyere!” Madam’s shrill voice sounded in the air, causing the house girl to raise her head slowly and rise up from her task of washing Madam’s lace wrappers and beaded blouses, which she always demanded were hand-washed with her special soap.  She […]