The House Girl – Part Two

Chinyere was singing as she scrubbed the bathroom tub.  She was so happy because, earlier that week, her lesson teacher had informed her that she’d passed the mock exams he had given her the previous week, and she would be able to enter direct to SS1 with the next set of students.  At a few days shy of fifteen years old, she was already late starting, but he had assured her that there was no race nor hurry, and that because she was bright, if she kept up her studies, she would surely excel in all her exams.

She remembered how thrilled Oga had been when she had shown him her results yesterday.  He’d looked at her with such intensity in his eyes, that her stomach had tightened in response.  But all he’d said was “Yeah!  Well done, Chinyere!  I knew you could do it.”  She’d released all her emotion in a wide smile, as her heart swelled with heat.  Her eyes were shining as she’d responded, “Thank you, Sir.”  Madam had only said “Congratulations!” and added “Money no waste” cheekily.

This weekend, she would be going home to her family for her leave…


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