The House Girl – Part Three

It had been a long night for Osinachi.  She’d arrived in Lagos around 8pm and had headed straight to the hospital.  Her sister had given her the details for the room they had booked, and she was shown the way at the lobby to the Maternity Ward.

Daluchi met her in the hallway and told her that everything was going according to plan.  The girl was doing fine, but she wasn’t well dilated yet.  She assured her that at the rate things were progressing, Osinachi could be on the plane back with her special gift by tomorrow evening.

Osinachi had only met the girl once.  Today, she was looking healthier, having gained much weight due to her pregnancy, and being well looked after by Daluchi.  Osinachi watched as the girl grimaced, squeezing her eyes shut and sucking in a harsh breath, as she rode through another round of contractions.  She couldn’t help smiling to herself that she was not the one going through that pain and would soon be embracing her first child…


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