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The Queen That I Am

I heard of a queen, whose palace was set on a hill, and adorned with jewels. Though surrounded by much wealth, she was discontent and desired elaborate displays of her riches and the receipt of expensive gifts. It was the king’s job to satisfy her appetite. And this […]

What does she mean?

Women are funny.  We say we want something, but often, we mean quite the opposite.  Whatever they say, we know what we want, even if we don’t know the right words to use to describe it!  It would be a laughing matter, if it wasn’t so serious!  For […]

Girls Run The World?

As much as I am an idealist, there is one reality that I cannot escape – that this is indeed a man’s world!  I am certain that Beyonce knows this, even though she chooses to sing songs to motivate women to see themselves as leaders, even as she […]