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The Spotlight: Women Are Defiling The Church By Preaching On The Pulpit

I didn’t say it…  Remember, this is The Spotlight, so somebody said it!  And mehn, am I pissed?!

Now, don’t get mad at my author either, she didn’t say it.  But she brought it to my attention, through the post I am spotlighting on my blog today.  Her name is Karo Oforofuo and she blogs at  Yeah, I don’t know what that means.  I did ask once, but I don’t think I completely understood.  Clearly, I didn’t.  Her tagline is “a place to read a different kind of Nigerian story“, which I think is pretty cool.

Karo is an author, story blogger and an online business consultant.  She’s also a freelance writer, business blogger and editor.  She’s a member of the Okadabooks team, and has been a great support to me.  I’ve read some of her stuff and I know she’s got a MAD imagination!  You really should check out her blog after we deal with this issue…

So, to the matter…  Somebody said “women are defiling the Church by preaching on the pulpit!”  Now, I know, it wasn’t just somebody…  I know there are many of you out there who think such about their Sisters in Christ, and even teach such.  SMH at you.  I have no words right now…  But let’s learn about Karo’s encounter with the street preacher, who was making this bold public statement, amongst other things.

Karo’s blog doesn’t allow people to copy and paste, so no excerpt today.  You will have to just go over there…  And be sure to come back, let’s chat on this!


So, have you read it?  What do you think?  Are you as mad as me, or as mad as she?  Or do you agree with such perspectives…?  Do gently and sensitively tell us why you do.

Me, I can’t even talk again!  I thought that by this time on Saturday (I read this post earlier in the week), I would have the words to rebuke this spirit and teach the true doctrine, but I’m just fed up with religion!  And that’s the truth.

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  1. Thanks for the spotlight, Ufuomaee. I think I should have allowed the copy and paste feature, if I knew you were planning on using an excerpt. All the same, the point is still made clear.

    I think we as women have a lot to do on terms to letting society know, they can’t continue to see us as people who should sit in the kitchen and care for the home only. We are way more than that. God himself had given us that grace.

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    • God Himself has given us that grace – AMEN! Whom the Son sets FREE is FREE INDEED. People are enslaved in their minds, but I am free and can no longer be bound by small thinking or small thinkers!

      Thanks dear 🙂

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