It’s Been Four Amazing Years!

Hey, y’all!  It’s a beautiful day today.  I am celebrating FOUR years as a blogger on WordPress today!  Yippee!!!

This time four years ago, I decided that I wasn’t just going to write pieces, without being able to keep them well, where I could refer to them at anytime and encourage myself, or even share with others.  This blog was to be the writing on the wall for me.

By writing it out publicly, I was also making myself accountable.  You know when you make private resolutions, or when you learn something new and write it down, you may still back track on it later, and try to say that it meant something else?  Yeah, well this blog was supposed to be my sounding board and accountability partner.

I also started this blog after losing a very close friendship, with someone who I used to talk about everything to, particularly my thoughts and beliefs about Christianity.  So I needed an outlet to be able to express my reflections on this great matter, and develop my own understanding.  It was also about this time four years ago, that I decided to walk away from a relationship I was hanging on to, and I needed to talk through my feelings, and counsel myself – since I didn’t really have my dear friend for that anymore.

So blogging was my therapy, my sounding board and my faith journal, so to speak.  My early pieces dealt with heartbreak, closure, singleness and faith in God.  My tagline at the time, which is still my tagline on Twitter, was “Youthful humanitarian and passionate change agent, with a thirst for love and God…

However, my writing has since evolved to being not just about my therapy and my musings on my Faith, but also my ministry, by sharing the wisdom I receive from God to others who may be going through similar things.  As I wrote more about True Religion, which is the category for my Christian pieces, I grew in understanding of Grace and Truth, until I came to the realisation that that’s really what it’s all about!  Hence the change in my blog title to Grace and Truth in September 2015.  My new tagline now reads: “For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ (John 1:17)

My blog is still evolving, as my ministry is growing, and my reader base is expanding.  I recently stumbled on a great need for ministry among the Singles, after I started a series called THE CHURCH GIRL on my blog.  I actually started writing it, after my baby decided to get my attention by throwing an almost empty bottle of water against the TV and destroying the screen.  We didn’t replace the TV for about three months, and so, my overactive imagination was stirred up again.

I have always loved telling stories, and used to write single post short stories on my blog with powerful lessons about God’s love.  But I discovered LagosConvo, one day, and saw that they shared a lot of stories that ran over many posts, and I decided to try my hand!  Praise God I did, because it has been really rewarding for me as well as my readers.   I hope to continue writing more story series, even though it is so very time consuming, but the lessons are worth it, and it is something that people love to consume.

Anyway, this has turned into a rather long post, and it was supposed to be a short celebration one!  Thanks for following me and reading my blog, and for those who do, thanks a million for your comments, likes and shares!!!

I’m having a party today, all day here!  Please, celebrate with me by dropping a comment.  I also invite you to stay a while on my blog, read a few posts on the Homepage, explore the various categories or read up on my series The Church Girl, The Church Girl – The Extended Version and An Emotional Affair!

Four Years Blogging!

Here, have yourself an ice cream cone! It’s on the house 🙂

Here’s wishing you an awesome day!

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  1. Yes, i have been blessed in diverse ways with your writing, story and the package as a whole! I pray God gives you fresh anointing and grace to keep this ministry going.
    I wish to actually let you that i tap into this writing experience and may God give each and everyone of us something to write about. Let the story never die!
    I love reading from you. GOD BLESS YOU MA

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  2. Yes, i have been blessed by your writing, stories and the whole package as a whole. Thanks for going this far and not derialing.
    I pray for fresh anointing in your life and grace to keep this ministry going. I also tap into this writing experience and pray God gives each and everyone of us something to write about, that lives will be touched and transformed.
    I love reading from you. Thank you! Thank you!!

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  3. congratulations Great woman.ur writeup is one among millions are look out for online. I have been blessed,inspired by ur inspirations,& motivational a young single I have learnt so much from ur blog. spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. to dis end my sis my love May God Almighty richly bless u,ur home, ur blog,inspire u and make u Embodiment of intellectualism to ur generations n beyond. amen. I will be there next celebration for my ice cream.

    Liked by 1 person

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