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Girls Run The World?

As much as I am an idealist, there is one reality that I cannot escape – that this is indeed a man’s world!  I am certain that Beyonce knows this, even though she chooses to sing songs to motivate women to see themselves as leaders, even as she sees herself; and I do love them truly!  I am very proud to be a woman, and will not change it for anything.  There is much to admire in a woman, much to appreciate and desire.  However, in our fight for equality with men, we have often lied to ourselves about just who runs the show.  Do not be deluded, it is a man’s world, whether you like it or not.

Now, ladies, don’t hate me.  I love you all, and I understand.  I am also a Feminist. That doesn’t mean that I think that we should kill the men and keep their sperms for reproduction!  I believe that we have equal rights as humans, are worthy of respect, and given the opportunity, are equal candidates with men in any field.  So, I champion women’s causes, and seek their liberation from tyrant men.  Not all men are tyrants, and there are some who have joined the feminist fight, understanding that true feminism benefits all, because it enables the sexes to live up to their true potentials.

There is a saying that ’what a man can do, a woman can do it better’.  True as that may be in certain circumstances, I have found that it is equally true that what a woman can do, men can do it better.  Consider the catering trade that women have desired, but men seem to rule…or even fashion and design??  It is perplexing.  But what should be desired between men and women is not competition, but collaboration!  It is just a shame that women have had to fight to be given the right to speak out.  But now that we have a voice, let us use it for good.

In the battlefield of love, we are often told how to win the game with men.  Some have said that we ought to play the ‘damsel in distress’, the ‘woman’ card, and trick the men into saving us, by pretending to be weak.  Others say, ‘two can play that game’ or more recently, ‘think like a man, act like a lady’.  All these games serve only to keep us occupied in antagonistic activities, making the experience of being a woman one to resent!  You will never hear men playing such mind games with themselves.  The fact is, we can never BE men, no matter how much we think like them or try to behave like them.  Our skins are still softer, and our hearts still fall and break faster!

Women are naturally more emotional than men.  We are skilled worriers!  While men can often take things as they come, and often do not display their emotions on the surface, it can take mastery for a woman to perfect this art.  It doesn’t mean that they are bad; they are just different from us.  Men generally like themselves, trust themselves, and are content in their independence.  Women, however, tend to give a higher regard to other people’s perception of themselves than men, so we are more susceptible to manipulation.  Consider in the area of beauty and fashion, and you’ll get where I am coming from.

However, our sensitivity is also our strength.  Love is afterall the most powerful force in the world.  We are made of stronger stuff than we know.  If we would appreciate our womanhood, rather than trying to imitate manhood, or overthrow men from leadership, we would realise that we are truly phenomenal creatures!  Why is it that we are also men’s greatest weakness?  Like I’ve said before, what is needed is understanding and collaboration.  Don’t try to be anything other than what you are, otherwise, you won’t be anything at all…  The world needs women – the world needs you!

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  1. Fantastic post & even more fantastic ideas.

    Let us women learn to love, appreciate and uphold ourselves and our uniqueness and people will appreciate us better.

    This doesn’t mean some people (read: men and women even), will not still try to hurt us, annoy us or just plain irritate us, but at least we would enjoy our own lives better and we would definitely not feel like we always have to fight for a ‘voice’.


  2. Thanks Ejay! I appreciate your contribution to what I hope will be a revealing and liberating discussion for us, women. Jesus always said that the true leader is the servant, and we shouldn’t be fighting for high positions, but seeking rather to serve in love 🙂


  3. I love this post.

    If we would appreciate our womanhood, rather than trying to imitate manhood, or overthrow men from leadership, we would realise that we are truly phenomenal creatures! .. Very beautiful

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