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The Spotlight: Challenging Feminism

Hi All!  Welcome to another episode of The Spotlight.  I’ve got another interesting topic for you today 🙂  Yes, it’s the much talked about issue of Feminism. But before we move on to that, did you happen to read last week’s post on The Church After Spiritual Abuse? […]

The Spotlight: Christians, Stop Telling Me God Is In Control!

Today’s episode is a spotlight on Christianity and God, and who is really in control of what happens in our lives and our world. There seems to be a general consensus among Christians that God is ultimately in control, while we must take responsibility for our own actions and inactions. While it seems most people agree with this in theory, their practice mostly suggest that they think God holds all the cards…and when bad stuff happens, it is God’s will….

Is Your Heart Monitor Off?

Originally posted on FITLY SPOKEN:
The world is probably at the highest level of sickness it has ever seen, so it makes sense that there’s a consequent obsession (or non-obsession) with tracking bodily changes. There’s nothing people are not watching these days: weight, heart rate, number of steps per day……