The Spotlight: Kidnapped for Ransom, a True Story

Hey… How have you been? I’m so happy to be back on The Spotlight. I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule soon.

I’m kicking it off with a bang this year… Just look at the headline! Kidnapped for Ransom! Guys, it’s a true story oh, but thankfully, not mine. A friend of mine, whom I met through the world of WordPress and have been fortunate to meet in real life, was the victim of a roadside kidnapping in our country.

His name is Victor, and he blogs at He has been doing so for years, sharing wholesome content about his faith and perspectives on life, family, work, and more. If you haven’t already, do follow him and read up on his posts. They are always inspiring.

So, sometime late last year, this horrible thing happened to him. On the way to his brother’s funeral with his wife and baby, niece and nephew, they got trapped by kidnappers along the expressway, who shot at them and forced them out of their car… Victor tells us the whole story of his four-day ordeal, hardly leaving anything out, about how these criminals held him and his fellow prisoners captive until they received the ransom on their heads.

He shares his story in ten parts. You can start reading HERE… It’s quite eye opening and frightening to think that this phenomenon is so common in this country, and is no longer the fear of the rich alone. Even the common man can become a victim, so desperate are these wicked men (and women).

I read the last part this month, and all I could do was encourage him and thank God that I’ve never been in such a situation. Really, we must do something about this vice. We can’t keep wishing to be passed over. We need to make Nigeria safe for our children, so a clear message must be sent out by our police force and government that this will no longer be tolerated! May God help us.

If you happen to read it all and have a few thoughts of your own, please chat me up by commenting below. Thanks for reading.

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