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The Spotlight – A Review of “Unchained” by Tosin Sanni

Hi guys, how are you doing? It’s been a while…

I’m back on The Spotlight with a review of a book I read this week. It is actually a true story, published by a first-time author, Tosin Sanni, titled; “UNCHAINED: My Journey From Broken to Beautified.” It’s a redemptive story, showing how much we need God and His grace to make it in this life. I learnt about the author and her story from a mutual friend, who thought we could collaborate to bring awareness about abuse and marriage. It was truly a blessed meeting.

So, a little more about the author. Tosin is a speaker, writer, and relationship coach. She is the lead coach at Kharis Coaching, a faith-based life and relationship coaching company that positions young women to live free, whole, and empowered. She’s also a Human Resource professional, who is happily married and blessed with a son. Learn more at

Unchained tells an interesting story that a lot of young ladies (and men) may be able to relate to. I could relate, particularly with the emotional itch to always want to be in a relationship. Abused as a child, by a woman, Tosin’s sexuality was awakened too early. Being a PK (Pastor’s Kid), she is raised up in the knowledge of Christ and develops a personal passion to please him, staying focused at school and completing her studies. She eventually meets a good man that loves her too. Everything seems to be going well until they discover that they are both AS!

This begins Tosin’s retreat from the ways of God, as her heart is broken, and her faith can’t withstand this disappointment. Why would God hurt her like this when she did things His way? Then comes Lami. After a brief affair, she meets Fola, who introduces her to a life of sin and depravity until she can no longer recognise herself. But she seems powerless to break from his hold, and when he pops the question, she says ‘Yes!’

Okay, you will have to get the book to know how she eventually got ‘Unchained’ and was restored to her place of glory, among the children on God.

The story is compelling, well written. Tosin doesn’t gloss over the issues. She brings honesty and sincerity, as she owns her decisions while showing how the Devil used others to try to keep her entrapped. Throughout, she manages to incorporate teaching and coaching, so that the main lessons come shining through.

As I read the book, I reflected on my own life and decisions. I remembered what God had done to deliver me from many troubles. I was grateful. If you are like me, this book will warm your heart and remind you of the sweet grace you enjoy in Jesus. But if you are yet to know the Lord, this book invites you to, with glimpses of a life that may look just like yours, and hope for a redemption that has already been made possible – all you have to do is believe. You can’t go wrong reading this book, and you may know a few people to recommend it to when you’re done.

This was a really good one, a great start to an impactful writing ministry, Tosin. May God grant you more inspiration and blessings, so you will have more to share with the world. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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