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The Spotlight: Naked with Onome Podcast

Hey hey hey!

How are you doing today? Happy Easter to you and your family!

On The Spotlight today, I have a special guest, Onome Bada, who’s a writer, author, and podcaster, trying to change the world by telling her story.

I’ve known Onome for a while now. Before, she was Onome Omodara, and she’s been a big encourager to me, reading AND reviewing almost all my books, and sharing feedback too. We met once, a couple of years ago, and I gifted her a copy of Season One of A Small World. Mind you, she’s read it and the following seasons, but I’m still waiting on her review to drop on the saga…

Anyway, so Onome is celebrating an anniversary tomorrow. It will be a year since she published her first episode of her podcast, Naked with Onome. This week, we met over Zoom and chatted about her journey; how and why she started, the inspiration behind some of her episodes, and more.

I’ve published our chat on my IGTV channel, under Ufuomaee’s The Spotlight series, so I invite you to head on over to watch it for yourself. It’s just over eleven minutes long, as we tried to keep it short. WATCH HERE.

You can visit Onome at Please listen, follow, like, comment, and share as you are led. If you can, please support her too. Her messages are deep and meaningful, and she’s really making an impact in her world.

So, that’s my pick, this week, for The Spotlight! If you’d like me to feature a book, film, web series, TV show, or other creative production, do comment below and let me know. Until next time, stay safe, sane, and blessed!

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  1. No Ofuoma,

    This is June 2021.
    It is absolutely not true that men need respect and women need love. Its a myth. Each and every woman and girl on this earth, does so need respect. Don’t be one of those women who publish false doctrines to please and appease men. Guess what? Men don’t care about supporting and defending you and other women.

    So please do not beat down, gullible, weak females with that sick, sexist myth. Females needs respect too.
    Try and be in a relationship with a man, who doesn’t respect you.


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