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The Prison In Your Head

I suffer from a most common ailment known to man…the inability to escape my head, ignore my heart nor outrun my body.  I am limited by my own perceptions of the world, constructed by my personal experiences, defined by my beliefs.  Being spiritual has not yet delivered me from the constraints of this earthen vessel.

However my ideologies evolve, there are core beliefs that define how far my mind is willing to be stretched by a concept before it gives up the fight and shuts down.  And no matter how hard others may try to liberate me from these beliefs, no matter how sound their arguments may be, no matter how desperate I am to believe…the core beliefs I hold will not change from their external influence!

Such a belief might be a belief that I am unworthy, for example.  If unworthiness is a belief I have accepted as a coping strategy to understand why I have been treated so unfavourably in life…hanging on to that belief may well be a fight of self-preservation, no matter how much I am told that I am worthy, or beautiful.  No matter how many self-esteem courses I attend, or the number of times I am prayed over to accept the love of God.

This prison that is the mind, the centre of our thoughts and processor of our feelings is hard to escape.  Many resort to drugs, prescribed or illegal, to escape the bounds of this prison, but find themselves more shackled once the effects have worn off.

In this prison of the mind, you fight against yourself to resolve feelings you’re too afraid to confess.  You ease those feelings with remedies of pleasant thoughts, wise words and entertaining distractions, that keep you from thinking too much…from continuing the internal dialogue.  But when all distractions go to sleep, when there’s nothing more but the fight to change your mind…to make it agree with what is ideal and acceptable…all you can do is fight.

Sometimes, the battle is with the mind and the heart, or the mind and the body.  Other times, it is the heart and the body that are in conflict, and the mind is the mediator.  In any situation, the soul in not at peace with itself.

So many people lose this fight.  When they are tired of fighting…when the arguments don’t work anymore, and when medication just stops helping…death becomes the solace.  Death ends every argument for the living.  When life is interrupted by a constant internal battle of reason against belief…death is more than welcomed, it is craved, as desperately as one’s initial desire to live.

Who can overcome the mind and deliver a soul from its prison?  There’s only One for Whom nothing is impossible.  He alone has the Truth that is able to deliver every chained soul, however they are bound.  And that’s my firm belief.  And my bondage.  What is yours?

For he that is called in the Lord, being [bound], is the Lord’s freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ’s [captive]” (1 Cor 7:22).

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  1. Well written. Personally I’ve moved beyond some outward belief, some trust in sacred words. I’ve spent the greater portion of my life testing these words in real life against the written testimony. The words don’t seem to fail, but the normalized understanding of the words often do. That which is spiritual cannot be absorbed by mere faith in an understanding of words. It must be experienced to be properly understood and placed within its proper context.
    There is no conflict or war within the self when this process is completed. That which is explained by life agrees perfectly with the written testimony, in the way it was originally intended. In the end, we become a living book, showing forth the wisdom that we once wished to emulate from the other side of the veil.

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  2. The greatest/biggest battle anyone (believer & unbeliever) will fight is the battle of/for the mind.
    These are not idle words: do not become conformed to the way the world thinks, but be transformed through the renewing of your minds.
    The renewing of the mind is a continuous process until a person either dies or translates (yes, I literally believe not everyone has to die physical death).

    Every single person has been conditioned (family, society, circumstances etc.) to think a certain way. A person who is born-again is ‘perfect, righteous, and holy’ in their spirit (it’s only the spirit of a man that’s born-again… it’s only his spirit that is a new creation, a brand new being that never existed before… because our old sin nature is removed when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior, and we are given a new nature… God’s very own nature).

    The body is exactly the same after being born-again. It is the mind that must be worked on… that must be transformed… and the only way to do this is by looking in the perfect mirror of the word. The word reflects exactly who we are! So if I look in a mirror and notice my hair needs combing based on the reflection pointed back at me, that’s exactly what I do.
    The word tells us: we are accepted in the beloved; Christ is my strength, sufficiency, righteousness, etc. It tells me I can do all things through Christ, I have according to the amount of Power that I allow to work inside of me, etc.
    So I have to keep looking at what the word says about me and transform myself (read: mind) accordingly. Once the mind starts being renewed it will begin to reflect outwardly, in the things we say and do.
    Not implying this is an easy process, it is not. However it is “process” and one that continuously refines us, so that our mind and body reflects the perfect spirit within.

    Hope this makes sense.
    I love these critical posts/discussions that you’ve been having. It pushes one to think deeply.

    [Aside: actually began responding to your previous posts regarding the Godhead… it became too long, so I still have it… but I really appreciate these…)

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