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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Marriage…  What’s love got to do with it?  Some say everything, and others say nothing.  What do you think?  I think it depends on your definition of love.  A Christian marriage requires a love that is defined and sustained by God. Here are two funny Christian jokes about marriage […]

What ever happened to love?

Okay, I read this skit this morning, and it’s so real about the way society sees love and romance these days…  It’s the tech-age, after the sexual revolution…  What more can we expect from our greetings cards? It’s not my usual sort of humour, but I wasn’t too […]

Some People Are Just Funny!

This has been fun, but I’m taking a break from the #dailymedicine posts for a while… In May, I want to try something different. However, do check out this very funny audition, that wasn’t even meant to be funny.  It’s just that some people are just funny like […]

Why Is This Funny?

Who doesn’t like Mr Bean?  He is like the British Jim Carey, except, he doesn’t require the use of many words.  And I find him much more amusing than Jim, who is just too annoying for my taste. But really, what’s funny about Mr Bean?  Why does the […]

Our Furry Friends…

Have you ever wondered what animals are thinking?  Ever considered what the world would be like if they could talk?  I am not the biggest fan of animals, because I’m quite frightened of things that move and bite, which are not human!  I generally keep my distance, but […]

DIET – Did I Eat That?

I hate dieting!  I don’t have the discipline nor the interest in it.  There’s only one successful diet I’ve ever been on for the history of my life, and it lasted one week, which was quite impressive. I have to confess, I’m not a big fan of eating […]

As If Pregnancy Isn’t Hard Enough…

Pregnancy.  Ummm…  There are no words.  People say the funniest and the most foolish things to pregnant women, all in the name of being “understanding” or “thoughtful” or even “friendly”.  Many people just don’t know what to say to a pregnant woman, aside from the classic “congratulations!” and […]

It’s Not Me, It’s You!

To make up for skipping yesterday’s #dailymedicine, here’s a #doubledose, still on today’s theme of #breakuplines. ENJOY this short fictional piece by yours truly!  It’s lacking in moral lessons, but one thing that’s funny to note is that we should be careful what we ask for…  The truth […]

Why You Gotta Be So Cruel?

We had quite a laugh with the pick-up lines the other day, so I couldn’t resist checking out the break-up lines too.  Oh, they can be cruel, but are so funny!  But they say sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind… Look, don’t tell anyone you I […]