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Our Furry Friends…

Have you ever wondered what animals are thinking?  Ever considered what the world would be like if they could talk?  I am not the biggest fan of animals, because I’m quite frightened of things that move and bite, which are not human!  I generally keep my distance, but they are very fascinating creatures…

I think if animals could talk, they would probably wonder along the same lines that we do…  Like “What am I here for?”  “Do I have a soul?”  “Is there a God?”  “What did you do that for?” and more questions of existence and fascination at other living things.

Well, I just found this totally awesome video that made me laugh so hard!  Whoever did it has a wonderful imagination.  And there’s nothing like British wit really, and their funny accents too!  If you feel like a good chuckle this morning, have a dose of this for #dailymedicine.

Photo credit: blog.drinkyourjuice.com, http://www.julettemillien.com



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  1. i thought am the only one that thinks about it. Sometimes when they bark or make some noise, i wonder what they were thinking or up to and thats why i love watching cartoons where these animals talk. I watched a movie where a dog was given the ability to talk and i was marvelled with the way they reason. I guess they have conscience too but as for soul, i dont know about that

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  2. Too funny! I wonder how long this guy took to come up with these lines for these scenarios? Quite over the top, really (said in a British accent).

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