Daily Medicine

It Doesn’t Have To Be Dirty!

I love stand-up comedy!  I love a really good joke that will get me laughing so hard that I think my ribs will break!  However, I find that many people think it has to be dirty to be funny.  The jokes become more and more depraved, until you don’t know how to laugh, and realise that these people are preaching a message.  Whether it’s a message about what should be sexually acceptable, or politically correct…but there’s a message.

Anyway, by far the best comedy for me is the one that is intellectual.  I like smart people who make me think.  I am discovering clean comedy, and just stumbled on Karen Mills.  She’s quite funny, and is our host for today’s #dailymedicine!  I hope she inspires more witty people to consider a career in comedy, and give the dirty ones a run for their money.

Photo credit: http://www.amsterdaily.nl, http://www.julettemillien.com



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