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The House Girl – Part Twelve

Here’s a short excerpt: Osinachi walked in to the small two-bedroom apartment. She placed her dish on the dining table and stood awkwardly until Chinyere offered her a seat. “Thanks.” Chinyere went into the kitchen to get a plate and a spoon. She had just been about to […]

The House Girl – Part Eleven

“How’s your day going?” Those four words were as “I love you” to Osinachi. ¬†Donald didn’t say those three amazing words often, but whenever he sought to communicate with her and find out how she was doing and feeling, and made the effort to show he cared, she […]

The House Girl – Part Ten

It had been a month since that horrible day, when Mrs Peterson had thrown her out of her home. ¬†Only Chinyere knew the hell she had suffered that day before she’d made it to her aunty’s place in Abuja. ¬†She’d initially thought of going to her Oga’s office […]

Editor’s Pick: I Still Shake!

Trauma.¬† How can one define it?¬† It is like a poison that corrupts the soul.¬† It seeps deep into the mind and binds itself to the person who has suffered a traumatic experience. You do not always know when trauma is taking hold.¬† In order to cope, your […]

The House Girl – Part Nine

Donald could hear the sirens from a mile away. ¬†He looked out of his bedroom window and saw the police cars as they drove on his street and parked outside his house. ¬†They were here! ¬†Ms Ebuka had called the police! Donald panicked. ¬†They had already blocked the […]

The House Girl – Part Eight

“Three nights ago, my niece showed up at my doorstep soaking wet and looking like she’d run into some thugs, who had beaten her mercilessly! ¬†She fainted moments later. ¬†How she got to my house, I don’t even know. ¬†Why she left your house, I still don’t know. […]

The House Girl – Part Seven

Osinachi returned home on Thursday morning, as she preferred to return when she knew Donald would be at work. ¬†She wasn’t yet ready to see him, and they still hadn’t spoken since she’d left home on Monday. ¬†She’d contacted the nanny service to request for the woman she […]

The Celebrity Syndrome

Have you ever wondered why someone who has it all; fame and fortune and even a family that loves them, would take their own lives?  Have you ever wondered how you can have so many friends and fans and yet feel so alone, that you have no one […]