Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: The Prison In Your Head

I suffer from a most common ailment known to man…the inability to escape my head, ignore my heart nor outrun my body.  I am limited by my own perceptions of the world, constructed by my personal experiences, defined by my beliefs.  Being spiritual has not yet delivered me from the constraints of this earthen vessel.

However my ideologies evolve, there are core beliefs that define how far my mind is willing to be stretched by a concept before it gives up the fight and shuts down.  And no matter how hard others may try to liberate me from these beliefs, no matter how sound their arguments may be, no matter how desperate I am to believe…the core beliefs I hold will not change from their external influence!

Such a belief might be a belief that I am unworthy, for example.  If unworthiness is a belief I have accepted as a coping strategy to understand why I have been treated so unfavourably in life…hanging on to that belief may well be a fight of self-preservation, no matter how much I am told that I am worthy, or beautiful.  No matter how many self-esteem courses I attend…

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