The House Girl – Part Thirteen

Here’s a short excerpt:

“The day wey you throw me commot for house,” Chinyere began, looking at Osinachi. “I think say I go go my aunty office, but the place de far.  I don tire for sun and I begin de stop taxi for road.  I tell them say make they drop me for Federal Secretariat, that I no get money, but I go settle for dere when I con see my aunty, but they no gree for me.  Na so one policeman con waka come meet me.  Him think se na ashawo work I de do…

“I tell am say na my Madam wey throw me commot for house, after she don beat me.  He still de talk say make I follow am go station to report the matter.  I tell am say I no wan report anything, I just wan go see my aunty for Secretariat.  I say I just wan beg money for transport, but he talk say I must follow am go station.

“So, I con follow am go Station.  I don de sit there tay…time don go.  I think say make I ask the Madam wey de take report.  I con tell am say I don wait tire, but I no wan report anything, and I never see the policeman wey carry me come again.  Na money I de find to take go my aunty place.  She ask if I de sell body for road, and I tell am say I no de do ashawo work, oh.  Na so she con let me go.  But I still never see the policeman wey carry me go again.”

“Mtcheew!” Ms Ebuka hissed.  “He probably thought you would sleep with him so he would let you go…  Useless idoit!”


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RELEASE DATE: 08/08/18


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