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God Doesn’t Want You to be Poor

“Oh, no… She has joined their ranks,” I hear someone thinking. “What do you expect when she’s listening to Joel Osteen…?’ LOL! Actually, this post wasn’t inspired by anything Joel Osteen said, at least not directly. It was actually inspired by a message preached in church last week, […]

I’m Not Okay

I’m not okay. I’m not okay with the way of the world. I’m not okay that we don’t agree. I’m not okay that everything costs money. I’m not okay that so many have to do without. It seems these days everyone’s out for number one. Nobody seems to […]

The Church Girl – The Original (2)

Pastor Bolaji Akinwumi was the Pastor in Charge at his branch of the Vessels of Honour Fellowship, a mega Church with branches all over the world.  The Church was headed by Dr. Bishop Taiwo Adetiba, who founded the Church and sat as the General Overseer.  As such, Pastor […]