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Editor’s Pick: You Are A Royal Priesthood…A Peculiar People

Who is a Christian?

Many people think they know what a Christian is.  But most people, even those who claim to be Christian, do not.

A Christian is not someone who was born Christian, the same way Jews are born Jewish.  Christianity is a daily choice, not a birthright.

A Christian is not someone who goes to Church once in a while or even faithfully every Sunday.  That’s a lifestyle choice, that doesn’t guaranty that those who live that way actually know who they worship.

A Christian is not someone who knows the Bible inside and out, and bases their life decisions on what is written between its pages.  That is a good discipline not limited to Christians, but also religious people and even unbelievers.

A Christian is someone who has a relationship with Christ, initiated by their acceptance of His gracious sacrifice and redemption of their soul on the Cross.  The relationship commenced when they repented of their former ways and accepted forgiveness for their sins, and received the Holy Spirit as a living Counselor in their soul.

Everything a Christian believes, practices and experiences from that moment forward is directly as a result of that indwelling Spirit…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/you-are-a-royal-priesthood-a-peculiar-people/

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