Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: I Know God Is Good Because…

Because of Jesus.  I don’t need any more reason to declare the goodness of God in my life!  Even if He were to do no other thing for me, the fact that He loved me so much to lay down His life for me, and to give me His own Spirit as a Comforter, I know that He is a good God!  I know that this thing He has done for me, He didn’t do it just for me, but for every one of you out there!  He did it for us!

Now, I am all for counting my blessings, and giving thanks to God for each one of them…but I stop short at declaring that THAT IS WHY GOD IS GOOD!  No, that is wrong…and inconsiderate of those who may not have been so fortunate.  Take this song as an example…  I can never seem to sing along, as I imagine so many other people will stop short of praising the Lord, if these were the reasons to give Him praise…

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