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Editor’s Pick: Which is the Greater Evil – Poverty or Crime?

I recently caught up with an old friend, and we got to talking as though we’d been talking forever.  Our conversations are always deep, so I thought to share with her something that had been shared on my family group on Whatsapp.  It was something that actually raised some emotions, judging by the strong differences in opinions.  I was sure I knew what she would say, because she is one of the strongest Christians I know.

This is the post:

“I have not eaten the whole day because I had no money.  Fortunately, I met my pastor and asked him for some money, at least, $1 (N300) for amala and ewedu.  The pastor prayed for me instead, and told me God will make a way.  He added that he would have given me if he had any money.

As he removed his handkerchief while he was leaving, his $200 (N60,000) dropped and he didn’t notice.  Should I give the money back to the pastor or is it God who made a way for me?”

Okay, I don’t know if you have seen this post before, but my friend actually said it was something that they had discussed at a Bible Study in her Church just the previous Sunday.  How uncanny.  So what do you think my strong Christian friend’s opinion was on the matter?  To give back the money or take it as God’s provision?

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/which-is-the-greater-evil-poverty-or-crime/

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