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Of All The Dumb Things That Christians Say…

Of all the dumb things that Christians say, “I still pay my tithes” has to be right up there with the worst!  You will usually hear this comeback from a Believer who has their fingers in their ears, as you are trying to tell them why they are no longer bound to this practice.  They have been brainwashed taught by their Pastors that they OWE God this unholy tithe (because it really doesn’t follow the practice of the tithe as written in the Book they use to push this doctrine – read more at https://blog.ufuomaee.org/christianity-on-tithes-and-giving), and they are afraid of being deceived into thinking they are FREE INDEED (John 8:36)!

It is so sad (and frustrating) to see such a knee-jerk response to any questioning of this illegal practice.  They don’t want to think about it.  They don’t want to consider it.  They have been told, and they have gone to the highlighted supportive Scriptures, and their faith is sealed.  Neither you nor an angel from Heaven can tell them that tithing is not for Christians!

Even if it isn’t for Christians, they will take their chances, because surely…there can’t be anything wrong with giving!  And giving to God, through their “Spiritual” leaders.  And besides, 10% is only their minimum, they often say.

Oh well!  I can totally relate to this foolishness, because I once felt this way – not for tithing! – but for giving to beggars!  Oh, no matter what evidence or arguments you presented to tell me that the majority of beggars are controlled by a child trafficking ring, I would still say, “You just have to follow the Spirit and give as you are led, because there are genuine beggars among them”.  Well, today, I finally decided that I will take my chances on hurting the real beggars, so that I am not blindly supporting a system that continues kidnapping and modern day slavery as we know it!

My mom sent a Whatsapp message in our family group titled “Why Does The Child In Hands Of The Beggar Always Sleeping?”  I have sometimes wondered about this, but not for long.  Because I never really passed the same beggar all the time, nor inspected their babies.  I also never stayed long enough to wonder, why isn’t this baby crying…?  I just saw a very vulnerable woman and a baby on the street, begging and thought my little change may not make a difference, but at least it would encourage them and give them water to drink and maybe food too.

Well, the question was answered, and you might realise that it was not so far from your mind if you had really thought about it.  “The children are on heroin, or vodka, so they don’t scream.  The women will be sitting the whole day with them, and imagine how they might get bored.” (paraphrased).  Can you imagine a three month old or even a two year old baby on drugs?  And you know this child is going to die or, if they do not, grow up addicted to drugs and alcohol.

For me, this was just the slap on my face for me to realise that I’ve been bloody stupid!  All the while I thought I was being kind and charitable, some rich criminals where making a living off vulnerable babies they stole, or even the children of women they raped, pumped with drugs and forced to sit and beg to keep themselves living large!  It is maddening!!!  And the worst part was how, the person who wrote his account of how he came to this knowledge was treated when he challenged one of the women begging concerning the child she was holding.  Everyone treated him like a monster, who didn’t have a heart for the poor!

WOW!!!  Can you see parallels with this and the tithe scam???  I hope so!!!  It is so tightly bound to your “moral” belief on what you owe God, and these thieves living off you are not at all shaking in their boots that they will be found out, or that you will stop giving your dues, because the system of religious slavery works!  These “Pastors” even boast and flaunt their ill-gotten wealth in your face, which the child trafficking criminals cannot even do!

The system works for you, when you say, “When I started paying my tithes, I got a job…” and blah blah blah.  My dear, it doesn’t mean it was God who blessed you.  Stop being superstitious.  Open your eyes and see the scam.

Please, take another look at that baby!  Take another look at your Bible.  Study the Scriptures for yourself.  And if you believe and know you are FREE, set others free with the TRUTH!  If your Pastor loved God and you, he would set you free with the truth too!  And even though some of them may be genuinely confused, misled or whatever, tell them the truth and don’t continue to justify nor support their ignorance.

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD” (Proverbs 17:15).

Photo credit: http://www.pixabay.com

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  1. Love that ‘blah blah blah.’ Gets to the heart of the matter. It does appear that they who push the tithe do not quite understand God’s economy, especially as it relates to Israel.

    Good write up, and the passion is noted.

    Liked by 1 person

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