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Ten Things I Hate About YOU!

1. I hate that I can’t make you do anything.¬† No matter how often I ask you or beg you.¬† You do exactly what you want, when you want and how you want. 2. I hate that you often follow the crowd.¬† Whatever is trending is what you […]

Editor’s Pick: Love Is Like Cake

I was contemplating one night about love, and it dawned on me how similar it is to cake.¬† Cakes comes in different forms and sizes, but always leave you feeling good…sometimes wanting more…other times content.¬† The comparison stuck when I was feeling like I had run out of […]

The Marriage ABCs – F for Friends Forever

When you think about your favourite things about life, having friends must be right up there with eating cake! ¬†Friends satisfy our most basic needs for acceptance,¬†belonging and care. ¬†Friends tell us that we are worthwhile…we are appreciated and we are loved. ¬†Everybody needs a friend. ¬†And there […]