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Love is Like Cake

I was contemplating one night about love, and it dawned on me how similar it is to cake.  Cakes comes in different forms and sizes, but always leave you feeling good…sometimes wanting more…other times content.  The comparison stuck when I was feeling like I had run out of love, and I felt God say: “make more”!  I realised we are far more in control about whether or not we have love in our lives.  All the ingredients (kindness, patience, understanding etc) are readily available!

So I came up with this listicle to help me understand the different types of love…

1. Love at first sight is like a cupcake
This is the kind of love fantasies and fairytales are made of.  It is pretty, sweet, but with a short life-span.  You need more to stand the test of time.

2. Infatuation is like a basket of muffins
They are so deliciously tempting, you always have more than you need or want…til you start to feel a little sick from too much! Then you want a change…

3. Puppy love is like birthday cake
Remember those sweet, colourful cakes you had on your birthday. You never thought it’d run out, or you would get tired of eating it…

4. Forbidden love is like cheese cake
Delicious and succulent, but not all that good for you. However, its memory stays with you long after it’s gone.

5. Friendship is like homemade cupcakes
You put in the effort to make them yourself, and though you’re no professional and they never look as good as the picture in the recipe book, they’re the best cupcakes you’ve ever had.

6. Romantic love is like a wedding cake
It is the kind of love that leads to marriage. It’s grand, beautiful and filling. Like the wedding cake, it should endure a year or two of marriage. However a marriage built on this alone cannot last the test of time.

7. Real love is like homemade cake
You can’t get it anywhere else, but in your kitchen, where you labour to put together the ingredients and allow it time to bake. You can make it many different ways, but it’s only real when it costs you personally.

8. Charity (or brotherly love) is like blackforest gateau
It is generous in taste, in nutrients and delightful to savour. With a diversity of designs, cocoa and cream are key ingredients to make the heart glad. If hoarded, it is sure to spoil or make one sick.

9. Nurturing love (a Mother’s love) is like fruit cake
It’s packed with nutrients and built to last for years… Each bite packs a punch that leaves you content. It is meant to be shared from generation to generation.

10. God’s love is like Manna
It is ready made, sent from Heaven freely and daily, without discrimination. You can’t buy it in stores or bake it at home, but it adds nutrition and endurance to homemade cakes. You need to come to Him for more everyday.

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  1. Original, dear sister! Now I’m hungry for cake!
    You are as prolific a writer as our dear brother “Saint of Christ” from South Africa. Sorry for being lazy at the moment and not checking for your “likes” on his blog before asking this, but are you familiar with his writings? If not, I have the privilege of introducing you two! Check his Christ-centered blog out:

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