Issues of Life

The Gift of Forgiveness

The Lord gave me a gift,
And He said that in order to keep it,
I must give it away…
As often as I am offended;
As often as I am hurt,
I must give it away…

For in that moment,
They need it so much more…
They need it to restore
They need it to heal…
Just as it was given for my healing,
I, too, must give it away…

I used to wonder about this gift…
How could I keep it
By giving it away?
But I have come to realise that
It has no value with me,
Until it is passed on to another…

And though I give it away,
It is mine still…
And my portion is all the more precious.
Yet, though it is hard to give away,
And it can feel like you are losing,
You gain your gift and your friend…

The gift of forgiveness
Is one I didn’t deserve and never earned.
Every time I give it away,
I am reminded of how desperately I need it still…
And I affirm the Lord’s love and wisdom
In entrusting me with this most blessed gift…

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