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The Marriage ABCs – F for Friends Forever

When you think about your favourite things about life, having friends must be right up there with eating cake!  Friends satisfy our most basic needs for acceptance, belonging and care.  Friends tell us that we are worthwhile…we are appreciated and we are loved.  Everybody needs a friend.  And there is no friend like the one who sticks by you through thick and thin!

Marriage is a beautiful arrangement where someone pledges their friendship to you, not for a day…not for a while, but FOREVER, through every circumstance.  Until death separates you, you will be the best of friends.  And even beyond the grave, even though your marriage doesn’t continue, your friendship would continue in the heavenly realm.  So your friendship is not simply about ensuring that you have a companion in this life, but also ensures you have a partner to help you to be faithful and not to falter in your faith walk through life.


Friends have each other’s backs.  They look out for one another.  They keep you standing, when the world tries to knock you down.  They stand by you and care for you, when everyone else walks away.  They fight for you and beside you…

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