Dear Friends In The European Union…

First of all, I want to say a BIG thank you for visiting my site, and becoming part of my friendly readers!  I don’t know how you discovered my little space on the net, but over the last few months, you have brought the biggest traffic to my site, thanks so much!

I would love to get to know you, and how you learnt about, and also what you like about it – or don’t like about it.  I suspect that you’re among the readers of my series The Church Girl and An Emotional Affair, but you never comment or like my posts.  Please comment, and like, and continue to tell others, as I suspect you do already.

And to my friends and readers in Nigeria and the United States, you’ve been second and third place on my stats over the last three months!  Thank you for reading and sharing.  I appreciate the comments from a few of you, but I hope more of you will begin to comment, and use the LIKE button too.  With no monetary rewards, a blogger’s pleasure is in the acknowledgment they get from their readers, so please, don’t be stingy!

Though I appreciate ghost readers, because you take the time to read…I think if you also commented (or even simply liked the post to show your footprint), it would be a better experience for everyone, and we will draw a lot more lessons, and become a big family of sorts.  Isn’t this a nice way to make new friends?

Don’t be shy…  Drop a comment in the box, and let’s know you more.  Are you Christian?  Agnostic?  Atheist?  Islamic?  Are you a hopeless romantic (like me)?  Are you just bored and like to read?  Let me know what makes you visit and keep coming back for more.

Whatever you decide to do, have an awesome day!!!

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    • Thanks Jecinta!! I know which country you represent, but for the sake of others interested in commenting… help us out with a little about you, where you hail from and what you are passionate about 🙂


  1. I got your blog from reading emotional affair,and am really grateful for knowing the blog,have been a ghost reader and I enjoyed all your post! I pray the Lord will continue to uplift you ma!

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  2. Hi Ufuomaee, got to know ur #little space# from Lagos Convo. I was actually a bit impatient with their once a day posting of emotional affairs. So I came and I must say, I haven’t bn disappointed.

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  3. I can understand both sides… for a long time I read blogs without leaving a footprint.
    Now I read, sometimes I like a post; other times I don’t hit the “like” button even though I liked the post.

    Commenting can be tricky in this sense – some posts are really good and you don’t want to mess it up by commenting (perhaps that’s just me)… other times, even though it’s true, it feels superfluous just saying ‘nice post’ ‘excellent’ ‘great job’ etc.

    I think personality traits has quite a bit to do regarding responses or lack thereof.

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    • Yes, that’s so true! And of course, you need to be able to do to others what you are asking of them… If you want and expect all your posts to be read and liked and commented on, are you willing to return the favour for all the blogs you follow and like??? I find that I fall short with this. But as often as I read and like, I make a point to like the post. I also only comment when I feel passionate about the matter, or think some encouragement for the writer is warranted, based on the quality of the content 🙂 The highest praise is of course reblogging or republishing a post you find agreement with.

      I really appreciate your contribution as always!

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