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The Spotlight: A Review Of “Faith’s Pregnancy” By The Fertile Chick

Hey, y’all!!!  Happy Weekend 🙂  I hope you are enjoying yourselves.  I know I am.

As you are reading this, I am at Aimee’s Library’s “A Book In Hand Live” Beach Hangout, talking about my book, Perfect Love and meeting some awesome people too.  If you haven’t read it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Anyway, I’m back on The Spotlight with another book review of a lady who has become a regular on this blog.  It’s The Fertile Chick y’all, and this time, I will be reviewing one of her older titles, Faith’s Pregnancy, which I only just read.

I don’t think we need to do introductions again.  You can check out the interview I did with her earlier this year, and the review I did of “Accidentally Knocked Up” to know more about her and how you can get her books.

So, let’s dive into this review…

This book is the definition of “God Ain’t Finished With Me Yet!”, so don’t judge me!  Don’t PREDICT me and don’t limit me!!!

So many times as I read the book, the writer had me changing my mind about

1. What I thought would happen;

2. What I wanted to happen;

3. How I felt about the story and progression.

Let me explain the last one.  The story was juicy from the beginning.  Very interesting writing style, in the nature of The Fertile Chick.  But me, I’m too impatient.  Kept thinking, “this is slow nau…”, “where are you going?”, “why all this long gist?”.  But The Fertile Chick is a pro at story building and character building and, well, as I kept on reading, those details that I was wondering “hmmm, really?” became like “wow, for real?!” in the way they began to make the story so rich and sweet.

Anyway, so Faith is a busybody!  A good-hearted, well-meaning and often judgmental busybody, who can’t help but try to save everyone else’s life and relationship at the expense of her own health!  You can’t help but love her sha.  She’s also humble and knows how to accept criticism and make amends for her mistakes.

Faith has gist for days!!!  The girl can yan…  And her life is so interesting.  Her own brother has enough drama in his life for three episodes of Jerry Springer!!!  As in, how does one have THREE women chasing after him at the same time, and TWO pregnant at the same time and engaged to be married to him one after the other?!  The man sha, typical selfish and ignorant somebody, who would have married “because of pregnancy”, if not for his mother who fortunately had more sense than most mothers in Africa.  The man eventually married for love, and even that one he had the nerve to be fronting for the woman because he has so much pride!  MEN!!!

There were so many characters and so many different stories and lessons intertwined in this book, which was written in diary format from beginning to end.  No chapters.  Faith takes you through her pregnancy, starting with a short backstory of how she’d previously had three abortions while single, and this was her second pregnancy in marriage, after the first one abruptly ended at 9 weeks.

So, her anxieties about getting and staying pregnant are conveyed in the book.  She takes us through the journey, every milestone of her pregnancy, teaching new mothers WHAT TO EXPECT and what to look out for too.  The book was well informed about fertility issues and pregnancy facts, and every mother of one or more will certainly relate to Faith’s experience and fears.

Through all this, The Fertile Chick manages to weave a very interesting story that I dare not and CANNOT recount.  You just need to take my word for it and give this book a go.  It will make a very good weekend read, because you might get fired trying to read this on a weekday.  Trust, you will want to be settled when you tuck into it.  And be sure to have an open mind too 😉.

Faith’s Pregnancy touches on so many issues.  I learnt about the importance of friendship; supporting your friends, even though you may not agree with their choices or lifestyle.  Ebika and Idara are two friends who needed Faith to forgive and love them unconditionally.  There was also much to learn about relationships, and the first and primary one being with yourself.  It was indeed a very real, relatable, relevant to our times book.

Apart from some editing issues (which can be fixed with another proofread), this book was excellent.  I think it’s the best I’ve read from the author as well, and that’s saying a lot.  Alright…am done!  Go get yours!!!

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