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Is Your Heart Monitor Off?

Originally posted on FITLY SPOKEN:
The world is probably at the highest level of sickness it has ever seen, so it makes sense that there’s a consequent obsession (or non-obsession) with tracking bodily changes. There’s nothing people are not watching these days: weight, heart rate, number of steps per day……

Must We Always Pray????

Originally posted on Nuach!:
Did I ever tell you guys I once won an award for being the ‘Most Controversial’ person in a team I once worked with? Yep, I did! Me, as quiet and unassuming as I am o, they wanted to spoil my good reputation, lol.…

King Jesus

Originally posted on Jonathan Camac:
Christmas is upon us. Unfortunately, this news is greeted with mixed emotions in the 21st century. Not least because a modern day Christmas is crazy stuff. It is full throttle. Pedal to the metal. Flying on all cylinders sorta stuff. And naturally, our priorities are angled…