‘Fighting’ unwanted feelings

I’ve been loving all your posts, Rubie. This particularly speaks to me on several levels. I would actually say that the person should pray FOR the other person, and not about the other person. It’s good to pray for them so that we will wish them what is best and not act selfishly towards them. Praying for them also helps us remember how much God loves and is jealous over them, and to think more in alignment of God’s plan for salvation.

Lots of great insights shared here! Do read and follow this lovely young minister of God.


I think most people have been in positions where they started to develop feelings that were not appropriate for the situation, circumstance or person in question.

Most times, it is circumstantial that these things happen, it could be because we’re speaking to them too often, or spending more time than usual, or just stumbling over something that appeals to you about a person.

Sort of like when David randomly looked out of his window when Bathsheba was having a bath and he wouldn’t take his eyes away from her again and just that moment led him to a whole phase of sin upon sin, from covetousness to lying to deception to plotting evil and even to murder.

So we need not be told what harbouring feelings that should not be harboured could do to us. David is a perfect example that you don’t want to be, at least for that…

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