Issues of Life

What Is Love?

Many have asked,

What is love?

Often, they are told,

It’s an act of the will,

Though one might have thought

It’s a really strong feeling…

At least from watching the movies

And listening to the sappy tunes.

But when it comes to reality,

The emotions fall short,

And doing the right thing

Sometimes feels wrong…

So, what is love?

I’d say love is a being…

Or a state of being…

It is both feeling and willing…

It is a powerful spirit

That upholds when the emotions are weak

And soothes when the actions are hard.

It is both knowing and doing,

And it is always passionate…

So, you may think that love is uncommon,

And you would be right.

It is indeed a rare treasure

And an awesome gifting

By the Supreme Being

That is Love.

In Him, we see that

Love is romantic,

And it is sacrificial.

Love is both a redeemer

And a fearsome judge.

Being love isn’t a piece of cake at all…

But to become love and to be loved

Are the fulfilment of all souls’ desire.

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