Fair Life Africa

FLA Summer Programme 2019 – Leaders Of Tomorrow, Today!

We’re still at it, staying faithful and impacting lives at Fair Life Africa Foundation. I’d really appreciate your support to make our summer programme a success!

The Rising Star

We would like to announce that our Summer Camp Programme, themed “Leaders of Tomorrow, Today”, will be coming up from the 5th through the 11th of August, this year.  The summer programme is aimed at enlightening the FLA Kids on different topical issues concerning the Nigerian politics today, how it affect their day to day lives, and how their choices and actions affect others.

Some of the topics we intend to focus on include: What it Takes to be a Leader – The Nigerian Politics Today in Comparison With Other Parts of the World; What is National Revenue, and How is it allocated? What Happens When we Break the Law?  Personal Growth and Development – How Personal Choices Create Great Ripple Effects on a Nation as a Whole; The Importance of Transportation to National Development; Safety on Our Roads;  Sport for Fun;  Citizenship and Voting in Your Country, etc.


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