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BOOK REVIEW: The House Girl Written by Ufuomaee

Thanks Faith, for this lovely review of my book, The House Girl! I really appeeciate all the support you’ve shown to me since we connected on Instagram! God bless you xoxo


Lately, I’ve returned to reading fiction. I stopped earlier, because of my enormous workload.

So one of the books I read is Ufuomaee’s The House Girl, which I will review in today’s blog post. It blew my mind away, for good, though.

By the way, happy Friday! (Hugs)

And back to this post’s business…

The House Girl was released in August, 2018.

I guess you’re making sense of the date, already. The House Girl is a year old.


So, I think my review is timely.

The seventeen chapter book is intricately woven with meaty elements of a blockbuster. Such a page turner leaving me glued to my phone from start to finish.

Agreed, I didn’t let tears roll down my cheeks, this time. But my fragile heart suffered. It raced erratically at the turn of events. My emotions were attacked as I tried to identify…

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