Just in Time for Christmas…

Mary’s story is really inspiring…

Naomi and her mother are still staying with a friend, after the destruction of her home earlier this year. We would really love to raise the funds to help them find a new place they can call home – just in time for Christmas. Can you help?

The Rising Star

It’s been a tough year for Mary, but it seems she has a guardian angel…

Mary met her sponsor, Yinka, for the first time at our Valentine’s Brunch, which held at Foodies, Lekki, this year. They had time to chat and get to know more about each other, and Mary shared about some of her challenges at school, which her sponsor later discussed with us. She didn’t have a Math’s teacher, and also needed extra notebooks and lessons. Before the COVID-19 lockdown, we were able to resolve these issues.

Later on, when we checked on Mary, her mother informed us that their rent was due, and they hoped to move elsewhere, as their current location suffers from very bad flood damage. However, they didn’t have the money required to secure a new place. We decided to reach out to her sponsor, and Yinka was willing to assist. She raised the…

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