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What Are We Going To Do In Heaven?

Okay, so I’m a writer… A story teller. And I know what makes for a good story… You’ve got to have desire… Something you want that you don’t have but strive for. There has to be obstacles… Challenges. Some wins, some losses. Ultimately, at the end, there’s fulfilment. […]

Hey, Why Aren’t You Trying To Save Me?

This episode is part of my podcast series DEAR ATHEIST… If you prefer, LISTEN NOW. ***** Uh, hold up. Stop for a minute.  Whaaaaat? “Yep! If you really think I’m in danger of burning eternally, why aren’t you trying harder to convince me?” said the Atheist. “There should be a line across […]

The More I Think About Hell…

Lately, the more I think about hell, the more I question the idea of God. It’s a strange thing for a Christian to say, especially one who once held strongly and taught much about hell previously. But the truth is, I haven’t felt much like a Christian, in […]

Editor’s Pick: Made For More

What is the most thrilling thing that one can experience in this life? Is it the out of body feeling of riding on a fast roller coaster? Or the exquisite experience of eating the most amazingly tasty delicacy? Or the euphoria of a drug induced high? Or the […]

Time Won’t Wait For You

I have a gazillion things to do! Each day, I have myself to groom, A family to feed and care for, Work to do, so I can earn, have and give more, A cause to serve and a calling to ministry, A passion to fulfill; a life to enjoy […]