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Editor’s Pick: Made For More

What is the most thrilling thing that one can experience in this life? Is it the out of body feeling of riding on a fast roller coaster? Or the exquisite experience of eating the most amazingly tasty delicacy? Or the euphoria of a drug induced high? Or the ecstatic feeling of climaxing during sexual intercourse? Or the supreme delight of enjoying a spa in a splendid environment? Or the immense sense of accomplishment when you’ve completed a mind boggling task?

It seems the wealth of life is measured in these enjoyable thrilling pursuits. The more of these rich and pleasurable experiences we have with the least effort, the higher the quality of our life is said to be. The life of leisure and pleasure may seem like a blessed and enviable life, but those who have every thrill they ever sought are still prone to depression and misery. So why can’t pleasure be enough for us?

I think it is because we were made of more than body and mind. To feed and stimulate body and mind is not enough for one to feel whole. We are also spirit, and our complete joy…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/made-for-more/

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