Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Time Won’t Wait For You

I have a gazillion things to do!
Each day, I have myself to groom,
A family to feed and care for,
Work to do, so I can earn, have and give more,
A cause to serve and a calling to ministry,
A passion to fulfill; a life to enjoy and be happy…

I have so many stories to tell…
Sharing lessons on loving and living well,
Warning people about the choices they are making,
Urging them that their salvation is for the taking!
Daily, ideas arise faster than I can write,
And writing consumes my mind, heart and might!

I know I should eat right and exercise daily,
For proper nourishment will give me more energy.
Good exercise will increase my strength and stamina,
And my mind will be more alert than ever.
But where is the time to exercise and cook right,
When there is hardly even time to relax at night?

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/time-wont-wait-for-you/

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