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What’s The Big Deal About Eternity?

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I just read a post by an Atheist that I found very intriguing.  I particularly liked his take on eternity, and found it a bit amusing.  Click to read: Do you know for sure that you will go to Heaven?

I shared my comment under his post, but I thought you guys would appreciate it too, so I’m posting it here.  Can we truly appreciate immortality, while we remain confined to a mortal body?

I wrote:

Yeah, I don’t try to think of eternity too much. That wasn’t what sold me on Christianity. I shared that in one of my response posts called “Are You In It For Eternal Life?”.

What do mortals know about the life of an immortal? It’s dimensions above our ability to comprehend. I reckon it might be like a stone (if it had the ability to think) wondering what was the big deal about living? So you eat and you poop and you sleep and you work…then what? But only the living can appreciate life, and only the immortal can appreciate immortality.

Many say life is a gift, and sometimes, I’m in that camp. But when I see people suffering who had no say in their existence, I do wonder what sort of gift it is… However, it’s still a gift in the sense that it is an opportunity. Life presents us with lots of opportunities to show forth our true character and to learn true wisdom, and it doesn’t have to be leisurely or easy to be worthwhile and beneficial.

That’s my perspective. When someone offers you a gift, it doesn’t help to question it. Seize the opportunity!

Cheers, Ufuoma.

What do you think?  Is this another case of the dead calling the living pathetic?

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