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What Are We Going To Do In Heaven?

Okay, so I’m a writer… A story teller. And I know what makes for a good story…

You’ve got to have desire… Something you want that you don’t have but strive for.

There has to be obstacles… Challenges. Some wins, some losses. Ultimately, at the end, there’s fulfilment.

So, I was pondering about how difficult this world is, and how I wish life was much easier. I thought about Heaven, eternal life with Jesus, the ultimate Christian desire…

According to the Bible, there will be no more sickness or suffering, pain and strife… We will all get along and be happy always… Forever, there will be no more hardship.

I imagined further, if I could finally do what I love to do and enjoy doing it without worrying about money… No need to worry about housework, because if there is no technology to enable all that to be done, at least I know whoever will be doing it will have a desire for it…and will need no payment.

So, I’m free to do what I love… WRITE! Lots of long lazy days to write, eat, and sleep… Sounds like heaven!

And then, I discovered the challenge. What the hell would I write about???

In heaven, what would people want to read in a book, that they don’t already know? What story would I write that anyone can relate to?

Everyone’s happy and dandy, and in want of nothing. Can I write a book without conflict? Drama? Action? Romance (remember, there’s no marriage in heaven!)? Who would want to read that?

That thinking brought me right back to why life here is really a gift. As shitty as things get, it’s kinda exciting and character building. So many interesting characters and journeys, and so much more to learn and discover.

I know there will still be a lot to learn and discover in heaven, but I’m really struggling to imagine what I’ll be doing in heaven, besides praising God with the angels, that will make me want to wake up every single day to do it again…

Just some random thoughts from an overthinking believer… I’d love to hear from you.

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