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Editor’s Pick: Heaven and Hell, An Idiot-Proof Design

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Heaven is far preferable than Hell. God has made the choice so very simple, that an idiot will not miss road!!! As the wise men of the world over-analyse every detail of these options, and speculate endlessly about whether or not God exists, the idiot has read all the signs along the way…he saw the narrow way with the sign of the Cross, saying “this is the Way. Walk in it”, and he is undisturbed to follow the trail that leads to Life!

This is how idiot-proof the choice is:

1. Heaven is a luxury, all expense paid eternal vacation free from logistical stress and packed with delightful leisure activities. Hell is a horrible, uncomfortable, uncivilized garbage dumpsite, which reeks of everything distasteful, that you spent a fortune to get to!  Even if the thought of Heaven is not appealing enough, the fear of ending up in hell alone should motivate anyone to choose Heaven!

2. The King of Heaven came to Earth Himself and gave instructions on how to get your ticket…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/heaven-and-hell-an-idiot-proof-design/

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