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Editor’s Pick: Christians Don’t Go To Heaven When They Die

Hey all!  How are you doing?  I hope good.  I didn’t post last week, because I didn’t read any critical piece that I felt deserved The Spotlight.  I was actually quite busy, so if there was one, I would have missed it :(.

Well, today’s topic caught my eye, and it was truly an interesting read.  Very thought provoking, indeed.  The author makes an astonishing claim that Christians won’t be heading straight to Heaven when they die!  I’ve actually thought so myself in light of Paul’s teaching on the rapture and resurrection of the dead, but other Scriptures which suggest otherwise, such as when Jesus said to the thief that “today, you will be with Me in Paradise” (Luke 23:43), have cause a little confusion for me.  However, I believe it is time to dig deeper to know what the Bible teaches, so that we are comforted by the truth.

I have no idea the name of our Author.  I’m also assuming he is a guy (please correct me if I am wrong).  He blogs at http://www.factsbasedtruth.com, and his tagline is simply “Truth based on facts”.  I am actually new to his site content, and feel challenged to read more…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/the-spotlight-christians-dont-go-to-heaven-when-they-die

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