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Oh Happy Day!!!

On the 26th of June 2012, I launched my blog, not knowing the impact it would have on my life!  I’d always been a writer, writing short/long stories and poetry since I was a child.  However, I felt God’s leading to not add old content to this blog.  Everything was to be fresh and inspired by Him, as He teaches me many things about love, life, family, faith, service and more.

As I listened to Him, and followed inspiration to write, I wrote what was medicine to my own soul!  Blogging has been therapy to me, and as I share the lessons I learn from God, and publish them here, it is like the writing on the wall that I can never forget.  There are so many posts that I started without knowing where I was going…  But in the end, they were powerful in convicting me, changing my heart, and inspiring me to persevere.  I do hope they have done that and more to you, my readers!

Today, I’m a very happy blogger.  After three years and a month, I have finally gained 100 followers!  And what is more, it happened on my birthday!!!  What a special gift 🙂  (But I still want presents, lol!)  For some of you, that’s not much to celebrate, because you probably got your first 1000 followers in about three months!  But for me…I have to celebrate this small achievement.

I’m sure many of us started blogging without thinking or expecting a major following.  But we all expected to resonate with others.  To find people who thought that our thoughts were worthwhile…and profitable.  To know that we are not alone in our struggles and to feel understood and that we belonged.

I’ve always felt unpopular.  I grew up with a bit of an inferiority complex.  I’ve been described as eccentric, weird and awkward.  However, blogging has helped me to appreciate everything that is me.  I don’t feel inferior anymore.  And I don’t feel superior either.  I feel appreciated.  I feel understood.  I feel that I belong.

20150802_133034 (450x800)

For whatever reason you chose to follow my blog, thank you!  I truly appreciate our fellowship.  I hope that we will continue to inspire each other to grow in love and understanding.

Happy Birthday to me!  Congrats to me for finally getting 100 people on WordPress who think my blog is worth it!

Have a great day!  Love God, your neighbour and yourself.

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