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Are You In It For Eternal Life?

Apparently, Christians only worship God because there is something in it for us…particularly the eternal life that Jesus died so we could have. I thought I would ask you why you decided to believe and submit to God, through Jesus?  Was eternal life really the selling point? I […]

Made For More

What is the most thrilling thing that one can experience in this life? Is it the out of body feeling of riding on a fast roller coaster? Or the exquisite experience of eating the most amazingly tasty delicacy? Or the euphoria of a drug induced high? Or the […]

A Love That Is God-Sustained

Lord, in obedience to You, I try to love others like myself. I desire to do what You do. Show compassion to the weak, Give bread to the needy, And hope to the oppressed. I seek to love as You love Me, But my self often gets in […]

The Marriage ABCs – L for L.O.V.E

THE MARRIAGE ABCS Copyright © Ufuomaee Love.  How can you have a discussion about marriage and not talk about love?  It’s impossible.  There is also that issue of what definition of love…  What type/s of love is/are needed to make a marriage beautiful and successful? We have talked […]

The Marriage ABCs – J for JOY!

THE MARRIAGE ABCS Copyright © Ufuomaee The wedding day is rightfully a most joyous day, as a community of friends and family come together to celebrate the sacred union of two of their own, in love and in marriage.  At that time, the great potential of marriage is […]

Our Furry Friends…

Have you ever wondered what animals are thinking?  Ever considered what the world would be like if they could talk?  I am not the biggest fan of animals, because I’m quite frightened of things that move and bite, which are not human!  I generally keep my distance, but […]