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Which God Do You Worship?

There are six main views of God that is held by people all over the world, whether spiritual, religious, agnostic or atheistic! There’s only one view that is correct, however. Can you identify the correct view? If not, which of these views is most consistent with your idea of God? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section 🙂

The Happy Clown

This is the belief that life is but a circus! We’re all just here to have a good time and get along. Ultimate right and wrong is like a world of black and white, so morality is a flawed idea. Goodness is most experienced by embracing all the colours of the rainbow and discovering more and more colours and possibilities!

God won’t judge us because He was the One who gave us our beautiful minds and independent will. He wants us to explore the boundaries of everything and grow in our knowledge and expressions of love. There is no end and no heaven, so enjoy your life uninhibited!

The Creative Director

All the world is a stage that you get on for one big audition! You’ve got to get it right, if you want to be part of the grand play that the Creative Director is planning!

You need to know your part (purpose), and be of best behaviour. Get to know the Creative Director and impress Him by doing what He likes… Give to charity. Help others. Don’t cheat or lie or steal. He is keeping track and if you mess up your audition, you’ll miss the Big Production!

The Dreadful Commander

Life is a training ground in preparation for the greatest of all wars!!! You must be disciplined and be of impeccable behaviour, otherwise you won’t make the cut to join God’s army.

Once you join the army, by proving your worth and righteousness, you must be sure to learn fast under the Commander and obey His every instruction, even if you think they’re unreasonable. Be sure to keep that to yourself, because if He smells rebellion, you’re done for! The disobedient and traitors suffer even worse fate than those who never joined the army, so be extremely careful!

The Great Wizard

He comes to the weak, the ignorant and the vulnerable as a Prince and tells them about how wonderful His Father is. He tells them that His Father will heal them and look after them, if they will just follow Him.

When they get into His castle, He transforms into His True Self. He makes them do all sorts of weird things like eat His flesh and drink His blood. He turns them into His slaves, who do menial jobs and charity and who have no more ambition for their own lives, but to die for Him! And if they try to leave, He curses them and breathes threats of eternal damnation.

The Gracious Father

His house is full of adopted children, who He delivered from tragedy or found wandering on the streets. He is always going out looking for more people to help. He especially likes to help sinners, sick and vulnerable people, who are desperate for love.

When He adopts them, they live with Him and His many other children, and He raises them all as if they were all His own. He teaches them His righteous way and disciplines without preference. But He comforts them all when they fall or mess up, encouraging them to stand again and grow in maturity. Some of His children who have never known true love don’t understand His forgiveness and discipline, so when they fall, instead of receiving His grace, they run back to the world.

The Grand Scientist

Life is an experiment by a Grand Scientist, who accidentally created the Universe and everything in it during a random explosion in His lab. He is still working on it and tweaking it to make it better. This old Earth that we live in once inhabited other lifeforms, and soon humanity will also become extinct, to give way to a superior race.

The Scientist doesn’t care too much for us on the Earth, as He’s more engrossed in making greater discoveries. There are millions of other lifeforms in other planets and galaxies. We are born, we live, we eat, we sleep, we dance and play and enjoy our brief existence, then we die! There’s not more to it, so don’t overthink it. Just live your life peacefully and let others do the same.

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12 replies »

    • Whether or not you believe in God, you still have an idea of God… hence this post. Certainly, you may not find the perfect fit. I asked if you could let me know what is closest to your understanding.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.


      • This is a broad spectrum assumption on your part and once more demonstrates how you fail to fully understand what atheism means.
        An atheist does not believe in gods/deities so therefore nothing you portray as a deity will have any relevance to the non-belief of an atheist.
        Please let me know if I am not making myself properly understood, Ufuoma?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ark, it’s like you’re stuck in a loop. I understand that you do not believe in a God. But that lack of belief is still an idea about God. The idea is that He doesn’t exist. So, because of your idea, none of the ideas I presented are acceptable to you. I understand that. Do. You. Understand?


      • No, dear. You are most definitely stuck in a loop. A loop that threatens to release cognitive dissonance.
        Now. I want you to read this slowly and carefully. Atheists do not believe in gods.
        Small ‘g’. Plural.
        And there is no capital ‘H’. Yahweh/Jesus is one god of a great many.

        There are no gods that are ”acceptable” to an atheist because an atheist does not believe in gods. Your god or any others.
        And for what it’s worth, nobody other than a Christian believes in your god either.
        Now do you understand?


      • Your own writing contradicts your supposed belief. You wrote: “Atheists don’t believe in gods”. Then you make a point of saying that the correct spelling is with a small case ‘g’, and that your lack of belief is in the existence of multiple gods… Therefore, you may very well believe in GOD! I also do not believe in multiple gods. Glad we have something in common.

        Secondly, you write: “Yahweh/Jesus is one god of a great many”! Can someone else see this blatant contradiction?! You say you do not believe in multiple gods, yet, you say that there are a great many gods, of which my God is one.

        Very very contradictory. And you say you’re not stuck in a loop.


      • Now, don’t start being churlish and try to practice semantics on me, my dear. You really are not that clever and attempting to try merely makes you look quite foolish.

        There is no evidence of your god – Yahweh/Jesus of Nazareth.

        Neither is there evidence of any other gods.

        Atheists do not believe in gods, it is as simple as that.
        If you wish to continue to bolster you silly little ego then you go ahead.


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