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The Spotlight: One Of The Great Lies

Hey y’all.  Happy weekend!  This is my first blog post spotlight in a long time.  I got caught up in the Author life and left the Bloggers life for a while.  I’ve felt the need and the push to come back and interact with my family on WordPress again.  It was while doing so, reading posts on my Reader, that I stumbled on this thought-provoking piece on the Samaritan’s Song.

This is a blog by a nameless Christian, who I’ve always imagined to be female.  S/he doesn’t give their identity away, and the tagline reads ‘Christianity, Scholarship, Service’.  I’ve been following the blog for a while, and it’s definitely one I’d recommend.

I actually read the post more than a week ago.  I was supposed to spotlight it last weekend, but my boy turned five and we planned a big party for him at a theme park in Lagos, so I didn’t really have the time to settle down to write my thoughts.  Even now, it’s a bit hard cos my mind is tired 😦  Story for another day.

So, the title of the post I’m spotlighting is One Of The Great Lies, and it’s about the recent fire that broke in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.  I’ve read a few posts about this incident, and Christians and non-Christians have taken different things away from this event, but what she (don’t mind me.  I’m going with my gut) wrote really resonated with me.  Lest I give it away, you should go over to her blog and read the full post.  Here’s an excerpt:

They want to remind you, these articles, that this cathedral is of architectural importance. The place is a cultural gift, they insist.  The heart of France.  Very important to history because of Victor Hugo and various architectural features and what it means to Parisians and to people who visit.

All of these things are of course true.  I don’t object to them in that regard.  But it is also true – in a profoundly obvious sort of way, one would think – that a cathedral, by very virtue of its being, is about God and faith and religion.  Yes, yes, many cathedrals have been built–and rebuilt, and expanded–by aristocracy and royalty and a whole slew of corrupt and very important people.  Many cathedrals have even been inhabited and governed, over the ages, by wholly un-Christ-like people.  It’s not all saints and glories, to be sure.

And yet!  To erase God and faith from the discourse around a cathedral is a bit like looking at a shop full of ovens, and flour, and loaves, and insisting “This place is so important to the authenticity of the neighborhood!” without ever mentioning that it’s a bakery, that it was built at the very least with a vague feint toward the making of bread…”  Read more…

So, have you read it?  I honestly don’t have a great deal to add to it.  I think it’s the same ol’ same ol’ that has been happening in the world lately.  They are trying to pretend Jesus doesn’t exist.  That He never came.  That God isn’t real.  They’ve succeeded in taking Him out of the mainstream, silencing His children in schools and now, even in entertainment, God is more of an offensive word that fuck.  WOW!!!

I guess it’s just more reason for us to hold firm to what we believe, and continue to meditate on the truth, so that it can never be taken from us, even if all the bibles were to be destroyed.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

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