Re-Runs: A Small World – Season One (Valentine’s Day) Episode 10


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


It had been a long, lonely day for Amaka. Her flatmate, Zainab, had returned from her shift just before dawn and was catching up on sleep when Amaka was rising from bed. That was how it was a lot of the time.

Amaka had become good at making enough and keeping food to share with Zainab, which Zainab appreciated. On the few occasions that they were awake and at home at the same time, they enjoyed eating and talking together about many things. Amaka looked forward to those times and Saturdays when Zainab was usually off.

However, this Saturday, Zainab was called in to cover someone else’s slot, so she’d had to dash off moments after waking up. Amaka couldn’t help expressing her disappointment. Zainab had smiled and winked at her and promised that she’d be back early so they could hang out tonight.

Amaka felt weird about their exchange this morning. She realised that she’d sounded a bit like a lonely, abandoned wife, whose husband was never around. She decided she would correct that impression tonight when Zainab returned.

After Zainab had gone to work, Amaka went grocery shopping, which she did once a fortnight. She liked to go to the Palms Shopping Mall so she could browse the shops too, and maybe get something nice for herself. She still loved to shop and found it relieving, even though her budget had greatly reduced. A splurge used to be a boot load of items containing 50% designer wear. Now, a splurge was a complete outfit and not likely designer.

She still had some personal funds from her days of modelling in the States. She hadn’t needed to spend her own money while she was with Jamie. He had enough for both of them, and he loved to look after her needs and wants. But since their divorce, she’d had to dig into her savings to maintain herself until she could find something profitable to do. At the rate she was spending, Amaka figured she still had about three months before she got desperate…



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