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The Marriage ABCs – K for Kiss and Keep Kissing!

Someone once said “Kissing is one of the best kept secrets of “happily ever after”“, and I can’t help but agree.  Well, I’m only three years down the road, but you know truth when you hear it!!!

I know the obvious word for this week’s letter, K, would have been ‘Kindness’, but I didn’t want to go with the obvious.  And I honestly think I have said PLENTY about being kind and loving to your spouse so far in this series.  So, not to keep repeating myself, I decided to look at this fascinating activity called ‘kissing’!

Why do we kiss?  Well, the definition of kiss given by Google seems to answer that for us.  It says a kiss is a “touch or caress with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, or greeting“.  So we kiss to show someone that they are loved, and not necessarily to express sexual interest (as in the case of kissing between friends and family members).  We also kiss to indicate our interest in sexual activity, and sexual attraction to the other person.  Or we can simply kiss as an indication of acceptance, as in a greeting…

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