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Are You In It For Eternal Life?

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Apparently, Christians only worship God because there is something in it for us…particularly the eternal life that Jesus died so we could have.

I thought I would ask you why you decided to believe and submit to God, through Jesus?  Was eternal life really the selling point?

I shared my views in my response to Jenny’s post – What if I’m wrong?


Your main theme here is that we believe because there is something in it for us. I have to ask myself why I believe…

You know, I am not too big on this ‘life’ thing we have going here!!! Everyone goes on about how life is a gift. I keep wondering when someone gave me the option to choose to be alive or not. I mean, I had no say in who my parents were, where I was born, and on so many things while I was a child. But as an adult, everyday, I choose to be alive. I have this instinct to survive and want to survive.

Now, on to eternal life. If it is anything like the life here on Earth, I think I would give that a pass, and just let this one finish once and for all. The idea of living forever is not really my cup of tea, so when approached by Christians that that was what God was offering, it wasn’t really a gagging moment for me. I could have gone either way on that one. So, I would have to disagree that I believe in God because I want to live forever. Not really. Maybe if I made the rules in eternity…. Maybe.

Sometimes, I just want this whole not knowing for sure part of life to end. I want to know for sure the purpose I was born in the very first place. When someone talks about a God who knew me, it resonates with my spirit. When they talk about His commandments to live an unselfish life, to love others and hold Him at the highest esteem, it also resonates with my spirit. When I read the Bible for myself, and studied the words of Jesus, I believed that He existed. Not because of all the peace He promised me. Not because of the Home He said He’s preparing for me in Heaven…just because that was the most truth I had ever learnt (and still ever learnt) in this world. It makes sense to me.

And what do you know…it kinda makes me want to make more out of this life that I did not choose. I am not letting time pass until I get to heaven to start living… I am living now, and living well and purposefully. I can offer words of hope and encouragement to others who also struggle with this life and may want to end it all. Maybe you might say that is what I got from it…the feeling of importance. Maybe. But I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why some believe and some don’t. But I know we all wonder what is the meaning of this thing called life…and God answers that question for the majority of us in this world.


It’s probably an unpopular opinion, but in case she’s on to something, what’s in it for you?

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