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The Marriage ABCs – Q for Quality over Quantity

I love that quote above so much!  It sums up everything I am going to say…  But if you have the time and interest, keep reading.

We live in a society that seems to value quantity over quality, even though we like to chant “quality over quantity.”  Our actions show that we do not truly believe this.  We want more, it doesn’t so much matter that the things we are gathering are insignificant, only that we have LOTS of it!!  Isn’t that stupid?

Somehow we reckon that if we had enough QUANTITY it would inevitably add up to QUALITY of life…  But this is a lie from the pit of hell!  It is a lie from the Thief and Father of Lies, who comes to rob us of our valueable time, precious worth and irreplacable joy (John 10:10)!  This is the spirit of Greed that has overtaken the world (1 Tim 6:9-10).

There is a reason the perpetual rat race is called such, because it is an unending and purposeless pursuit of something unattainable – ENOUGH.  There is no such thing as enough quantitatively speaking.  And besides, enough never made anyone happy, because there is still more.  If we think and evaluate in terms…

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